RNC: Steele Bounces On First, Second Ballots

Results from the second round of balloting:

Chairman Mike Duncan -- 48

Michael Steele -- 48   (the crowd seems to be pro-Steele; he had more seconding speeches than anyone else.)

Katon Dawson -- 29

Saul Anuzis -- 24

Ken Blackwell -- 19

Here's my handicapping on the results of the first ballot:Chairman Mike Duncan  -- 52 -- lower than expected

Michael Steele: 46 -- about 5-6 votes higher than expected.

Katon Dawson: 28: -- he'll get some Blackwell votes in the second round.

Saul Anuzis:  22:  -- a tough finish for the Midwesterner.

Ken Blackwell: 20 -- this is his ceiling.

To watch: whether the RNC members interpret Duncan's showing as evidence that he's going to win.