Who ISN't Making Money Off This Election?

I tend to get a number of unsolicited requests from publicists to cover product launches. It's as if they think the Atlantic publishes a holiday gift guide each year. But so many of them are election-related, leading me to wonder how many people who don't work on the campaigns owe their jobs to the presidential campaign.

There's a new way for consumers to cast their vote in the presidential race. Bonus Gum has released - Election Gum. Consumers can choose between an Obama Gum version and a McCain Gum version in stores all over NY and nationwide! Polls announcing which gum is leading in sales will be released weekly! The man behind this product, Jay Klein, will be in New York July 23rd-30th if you'd like to do a story/interview.

We even have great photos of both candidates holding the products! www.bonusgum.com

Let me know if you're interested in doing something.

It's become an economic niche: gum, cards, tee-shirts, greeting cards, Jib-Jab, local television news stations, entire journals of public opinion, cookies, convention planners...

Come across anything outrageous -- or banal? Let me know.