What McCain Means On Taxes

Read carefully, ABC News:

A McCain campaign spokesman told ABC News Monday that McCain continues to oppose any tax increase as part of Social Security reform, notwithstanding Fiorina’s comments.

“The lesson of history is that too many specifics at this point polarize the debate, that is the argument Carly was trying to make,” Taylor Griffin said. “However, John McCain does believe that we can fix Social Security without raising taxes. As president, John McCain will call on Congress to develop a bi-partisan solution to Social Security -- and if they won't, he will.”

[Emphasis my own.]

Comment: I'm sure McCain believes it; he'll go into the debating with solutions sans tax hikes.

But that doesn't mean that he'll absolutely refuse to sign on to an entitlement fix that raises taxes if that's what a bipartisan panel comes up with. And the reality is that a Democratic Congress is probably going to send him a Social Security proposal that includes a tax hike on the wealthy.