Weekend VP Clips: In Case You Missed Them

Barack Obama tells a Clinton donor that Hillary is "on the list," but that Bill Clinton is...well, a little bit of a complication.

Gov. Mark Sanford probably received some fresh talking points after he drew a blank when asked to distance John McCain from George W. Bush's economic policies.

Sen. Jack Reed and Sen. Chuck Hagel will travel with Obama to Iraq. Reed is sort of an outlier VP pick, although when I last checked, he had not been asked to submit information for vetting. With Hagel, it's a mystery. Note how choosing Hagel and choosing Reed would send different messages about the type of presidency Obama wants.

Mike Huckabee tells O. Kay. Henderson that "in all candor" he has not been asked to submit documents or information and does not expect to. He said this in Iowa, where he was keynoting the Iowa GOP state convention.