Time for a Time Out

As he got his presidential campaign going, John McCain wound up flip-flopping on several crucial issues saying he would vote against his own immigration bill, repudiating his record on taxes to embrace Bush's record, etc. But lately the campaign just seems to be off the rails, and unable to decide what McCain's stance is on various topics. For example, McCain and McCain's spokesman can't agree on whether or not increasing the payroll tax cap should be "on the table" in terms of changing Social Security. It's a point McCain has gone back-and-forth on many, many times over the course of the campaign.

Similarly, just yesterday we had McCain surrogates suggesting that McCain was going to abandon his support for cap and trade. Is he? Maybe with the Olympics coming up and the expected attendant lull in campaign coverage, Team McCain can slow down and huddle for a couple of weeks in Arizona to just go down the checklist and figure out where they stand on these issues. Hold some conference calls. Something. Is it possible that if McCain knew how to use email that he could maybe send some remarks out and get everyone on the same page?