The Vast Dalton Conspiracy

Friday's Washington Post had an article by J. Freedom du Lac about Max and the Marginalized who were coming to DC to play a show on Saturday at the Velvet Lounge with Spencer Ackerman's band, the Surge. The Marginalized sound is glossed thusly:

Imagine Frank Rich fronting Ted Leo's group, or maybe a Matthew Yglesias mash-up with Husker Du, Bob Mould's old punk band whose logo Bernstein has tattooed on his left forearm.

Meanwhile, in case you had any doubts as to whether or not the media was a closed inbred elite, not only did I go to the same high school (and summer camp) as Frank Rich's kids, but it turns out that Max Bernstein, frontman of the Marginalized, went there as well. Meanwhile, here's some Husker Du:

Meanwhile, do we think that "Josh Freedom du Lac" is a real name? It's arguably the best name ever.