The Russia Connection

I've seen a good deal of mockery of this McCain campaign poster on the grounds that he seems to be more angling to be God's successor than George W. Bush's but less on the underlying claim that he somehow possesses a unique level of wisdom necessary to bring about peace:


In fact, McCain has a notably thoughtless approach to the world situation. A good case in point is his Russia policy which is focused around the silly idea of needlessly antagonizing Moscow by kicking them out of the G8. This hasn't gotten a ton of attention because there hasn't been much focus on Russia issues throughout the campaign. Which is fine as far as it goes, but as Matt Duss points out Russia policy has broader implications including for high-profile issues like Iran. But to deal with the Iranian nuclear program in a reasonable way, we need more rather than less cooperation from the Russians. That means, among other things, showing the wisdom to avoid picking fights with them on secondary subjects.