The Case Against Obama


James Wimberly observes that the NYT's Steve Erlanger seemed pretty hard-up for a "to be sure" graf in his article about Barack Obama's triumphant European tour:

Obama was vague on crucial issues of trade, defense and foreign policy that currently divide Washington from Europe and are likely to continue to do so even if Obama becomes president. The issues include Russia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, as well as new refueling tankers and chlorinated chickens, the focus of an 11-year European ban on U.S. poultry imports.

And it's true, Obama was so busy talking about Afghanistan, Iraq, international terrorism, climate change, and human rights policy that he didn't find time for the long-festering chicken issue. Similarly, I didn't here President Sarkozy mention anything about America's ban on the import of unpasteurized soft white cheese. So basically nothing of substance transpired.

Photo by Flickr user Fuzzy used under a Creative Commons license