Say Something Nice About T-Paw, But Bring Up Jindal Spontaneously

From an impromptu press availability:

Elisabeth Bumiller (New York Times) -- Can I ask you about your feelings about Tim Pawlenty right now? Talk that he is top on the list.

McCain: "You know Elizabeth that I can’t but when we’re – we can’t mention any names – we have the process going on."

Bumiller: "You can’t say anything positive about him?"

McCain: "Oh Tim. I’m sorry. He’s a great, fine person. Reelected in one of the toughest reelection years in the history of the Republican party. He comes from a –- his father I am pretty sure -- drove a truck. He has pretty successfully been able to work across the aisle in Minnesota with the Democrats. And I think he is, he, Bobby Jindal and a number of governors, I think are the future of the Republican party. The next generation of leadership."