RNC Begins Independent Expenditure Ads

Here's the Republican National Committee's first independent expenditure ad of the cycle. According to Chris Cillizza, the ad will cost the RNC $3 million and will air in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The ad claims that McCain is pushing his party to deal with climate change while Obama is Dr. No -- says no to any and all solutions.

An Obama spokesman issued this response:

"What we need to solve our energy crisis is an honest debate about the choices before us, not more attack ads that mislead voters about the facts. There's a real choice in this election between John McCain's promise to continue the Bush approach of trying to drill our way out of our energy crisis - which even he admits won't lower prices this summer - or Barack Obama's plan to provide meaningful short-term relief for our families and to make a historic investment in alternative energy development that will create millions of new jobs, keep the cost of energy affordable and secure our energy independence once and for all."