Peering Into the Future

No speech yet, but I do have speech excerpts. I liked this one:

Our men and women in uniform have accomplished every mission we have given them. What's missing in our debate about Iraq – what has been missing since before the war began – is a discussion of the strategic consequences of Iraq and its dominance of our foreign policy. This war distracts us from every threat that we face and so many opportunities we could seize. This war diminishes our security, our standing in the world, our military, our economy, and the resources that we need to confront the challenges of the 21st century. By any measure, our single-minded and open-ended focus on Iraq is not a sound strategy for keeping America safe.

In short, Barack Obama wants you to attend the Iraq in Strategic Context panel on Thursday at 1:30 PM at Netroots Nation. It features your humble blogger, Spencer Ackerman, Ilan Goldenberg, and Alex Rossmiller.