The political world is buzzing today about Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who spent hours yesterday at John McCain's Arlington, VA campaign headquarters and who, according to a source of CNN's Dana Bash, was mentioned by McCain quite favorably and without bidding during a meeting.

Someone else in the meeting confirmed that McCain indeed mentioned Pawlenty but did not find McCain's tone unusual. (McCain also praised Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.)

McCain's campaign awaits his decision. A full-time staff has already been appointed to service the political and scheduling needs of the eventual vice presidential nominee, and prominent floor space at campaign headquarters has been set aside. The staff reports to campaign manager Rick Davis.

Some allies of Mitt Romney have suggested, in meetings with campaign advisers, that McCain make his pick -- Romney -- sooner, rather than later. They're floating this scenario: McCain picks Romney in early August, and Romney spends three days holding closed-door fundraisers. Then, Romney cloisters himself, bones up on everything that needs boning up, and gets reintroduced at the convention with a major speech. And then McCain and Romney embark on a Midwestern bus tour a la Clinton and Gore in 1992. Just a thought...

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