Obamoptican: An Update

Americans For Health Now strongly objects to my assessment of their history:

The group's original plans were larger; they intended to be the 2008 equivalent of America Coming Together -- the giant liberal interest group GOTV machine -- but with a much tighter message and purpose. Some styled it as the Democratic messaging counterpart to the expected efforts of the National Rifle Association.

Then came word from major donors and some member groups that the Obama campaign would be disappointed if money were given to outside groups with independent turnout operations. It was made clear to donors and to those planning the health care coalition that the Obama campaign wanted to keep its GOTV and voter contact operations in house.

So Health Care for America Now scaled back the number of organizers to around 100 and plans to spend most of their budget on television, print and online advertising.

They deserve the benefit of their doubt, so I'm going to do more reporting, and I'll get back to y'all.