Obama's Elitism Problem


The big challenge facing Barack Obama is whether or not ordinary people can relate to him. After all, he's a big-time elitist. He thinks that it's better, all things considered, to speak two languages rather than one. Meanwhile, John McCain continues to flaunt his regular guy attributes, showing off his $520 Salvatore Ferragamo Pregiato Moccasins in a variety of settings in much the same spirit that the legendary straight talker once traveled, like a man of the people, in the First Class car on the Acela to Philadelphia.

This comes to me via Chris Hayes who claims to be too high-minded to mock Mr. Fancyshoes. I, however, received a knowing nod of approval from Obama directed at my T-MAC 6s at YearlyKos 2007 so I owe him loyalty in all footwear-related matters.