Obama Revamps Communication Team For General Election

Obama campaign national press secretary Bill Burton just sent out a press release announcing some promotions and new roles for the campaign's key press aides. Conveniently, many of these folks logged off their Instant Messenger accounts so I can't immediately ping them to see what's up.

What had been long de facto is now de jure: Robert Gibbs is now a "senior strategist for communications and message," and as such won't be the official director of communications. Gibbs remains one of Obama's closest and most trusted confidants, knows everything about what's going on, and has a gift for language. He protects Obama's image and message -- often with the instinct of a cougar watching over a cub.

Dan Pfeiffer is now communications director. He had been Gibbs's chief deputy, but had taken the lead in communications and press planning. He is a former senior aide to Sen. Evan Bayh. Pfeiffer is reported to be a good manager of people.

Strategist Anita Dunn's role seems to have been elevated; she is now "overseeing the campaign's communications, research and policy departments."

Linda Douglass retains her role as traveling press secretary and senior adviser.

Iowa communications director Josh Earnest has been promoted to deputy communications director. Earnest hosted a campaign conference call today on Iraq .

Bill Burton retains the title of National Press Secretary. Campaign statements will be in his name. He needs to send Fox News a better photo of himself. The one they use looks outdated.

Christina Reynolds, the research director for John Edwards in '04 and '08, is now the Director of Rapid Response. Spokesmen Tommy Vietor and Hari Sevugan will work with the press on rapid response.

Other spokespeople include Nick Shapiro and Moira Mack; Shapiro is a veteran of the campaign's operations in Oregon, Texas and California, and Mack worked for Hildebrand Tewes before the campaign.

Wendy Morigi, ex-of Sen. Jay Rockefeller's staff, is now the national security spokesman. Dag Vega will head surrogate operations and Joelle Terry will be the senator's chief interview booker. regional communications directors include

Gannett Tseggai – Northeast
Amy Brundage – Midwest
Shannon Gilson – Southwest
Dan Leistikow – Industrial Midwest
Melanie Roussell – South
Nayyera Haq – West