Obama Leading . . . Good News for McCain!

The LA Times asks "Where did Barack Obama's mojo go?":

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll out Wednesday shows that despite nine solid days of blanket media coverage from overseas with Barack Obama cheered by adoring throngs of Germans and parlez-vousing with the French, making a three-point shot in the Middle East and standing outside No. 10 Downing Street, the freshman Illinois Democratic presidential nominee to be Senator Barack Obama of Illinois stayed static in the polls despite his well-covered long foreign tripsenator is stuck right where he was in the polls before he left.

How bad are things for Obama? Pretty bad: "He still leads Republican Sen. John McCain 51-44. But it's the same 51-44 as last time." Do you think that if Obama wins, then the day after the election all the headlines will be about how he hasn't yet really pulled away from McCain? Shouldn't the whole "our nominee is consistently behind in the polls" thing be worrying Republicans?