Not Jindal; A Visit To An Oil Rig

So the reason why Sen. John McCain is traveling to Louisiana tomorrow has nothing to do with Gov. Bobby Jindal, per se

The McCain campaign tells us that, hurricane-condition permitting, McCain will chopper out to an oil rig and talk about off-shore oil drilling.

As Jonathan Martin notes, the idea is to provide some TV quality pictures to contrast Sen. Barack Obama's rally in Berlin.

The campaign blames the press for it, but the pictures associated with McCain this week haven't been terrific.

McCain was shown sitting on a golf cart with former President Bush. (Press's fault.) McCain stood before a white background at his press availability yesterday at an energy company in New Hampshire thereby reducing the contrast between his white hair and the background. (Press's fault.) The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that only one photographer showed up to record McCain's airport arrival. (Press's fault.)