More Lies From Barack Obama


I decided to break with precedent and actually attend Barack Obama's "major foreign policy address" this morning at the Ronald Reagan Building Whose Name Contains More Words. As an official member of the press, you get a view of the action that's radically worse than what you could see on C-SPAN large because our seats are located behind the TV cameras. You do, however, have the opportunity to watch the speech alongside a bunch of other reporters, so that your coverage of it can reflect a pack mentality rather than independent judgment.

More to the point, even though the speech hasn't begun, the question must already be asked -- can America trust Barack Obama? After all, the advisory announcing the event clearly says "Limited workspace will be available on site. There is no wireless internet available." And yet, there is wirless internet available on the AWOW Reagan Ctr Atrium Hall network. If he'll mislead America about WiFi networks, what else will he mislead us about?

Photo of MSM by me, available under a Creative Cmmons license