Mocking Messiah


Here's another one for the "if a Democrat did it, the media would roast him alive" file. It seems the McCain campaign put together a joke site called Barack Book which is intended to mock Barack Obama and his supporters in a variety of ways. Since one of Obama's alleged political weaknesses is that unlike John McCain he's a charismatic, compelling speaker who people are excited about they chose to poke fun at him through the trope that, allegedly, his fans think he's the messiah. Specifically, Marc Ambinder explains the site "included a link to a real Facebook page, and next to an entry for 'employer,' the RNC wrote in 'Messiah Lutheran Church.'"

Messiah Lutheran Church, ha ha ha. Except this is the name of a real church, whose members are apparently mostly in Missouri but which has branches all across the country including this congregation in Florida whose photo I'm borrowing above.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure I even understand the McCain campaign's joke. They thought "Messiah Lutheran" was over-the-top and parodic, I guess? But it's not like the idea of a church dedicated to worshipping a messiah is wacky -- that's what they're doing in all the churches.