McCain's Jobs-First Plan

I noticed that the McCain campaign was first out of the box this morning on the new job numbers -- perhaps a sign of Schmidtian execution?

McCain plans to spend an entire week on jobs, beginning with a new policy roll-out in Colorado on Monday. On Tuesday, Obama addresses the LULAC conference in DC. On Wednesday, he's in Pittsburgh, where he'll tour a local energy company and talk about his Lexington Project for renewable energy. Then he's on to Ohio for a town hall meeting. On Thursday, he's near Detroit, Michigan for an event focusing on small businesses. He does a tele-town hall with Virginians. And then on Friday, he wraps up the tour in Hudson, WI with a town hall event focused on women and the economy. All the while, the campaign plans to contrast McCain with Obama, pointing to their claim that Obama's plan would raise taxes on those making as little as $32,000 a year (a claim which the Obama campaign strongly disputes.)