Live Blogging A McCain Town Hall, Part II


Mainstay: McCain recognizes the One campaign and Divided We Fail. Mentions that wife Cindy is in African with One now... asks the crowd to applaud for One and DWF. McCain says he'll let both organizations have a 60 second commercial.

Talks about energy: "I have a plan to fix this energy crisis. We can do it. America is capable of doing great things. But we have to act and we have to act together." Gives his energy stump. "It's a national security issue and obviously it's an economic issue.....hurts the [poorest]..... so why not give 'em a little gas tax holiday, so they don't have to pay their gas taxes for a while." Talks about nuclear power. Talks about the local plant, Seabrook... "I'd like to point out to you that it is is clean.. it is part of our effort, it is integral to our effort..." Navy ships with nuclear power plants on board haven't had an accident in 60 years.

Mentions a "pro-American president of France," which gets applause.

Gets loud applause for mentioning "off-shore drilling." "If American can show ... that we have significant oil and gas reserves and we don't depend on foreign oil, it will have an effect on the price of oil. Sen. Obama does not want to store or reprocess spent nuclear fuel. Sen. Obama does not want to drill off-shore. Sen. Obama does not want to give a gas tax holiday...." Mocks Obama's "yes we can" presidential seal... says it should say "no we won't" instead.

McCain: "I promise you my dear friends I will not let you down."

Greg Muller (sp?) from Dover, NH, a disabled Iraq war veteran, asks about VA benefits... McCain thanks Muller for his service and crowd gives him standing ovation. McCain spies another veteran and asks him to stand. Ovation follows. McCain: "We need to concentrate our effort on..those injuries that are a direct result of combat...right now, there are people who now drive a long war and they stand in line to stand in line to get an appointment to get an appointment..." proposes a universal access card for veterans.... big standing ovation...

McCain tosses the microphone to a veteran who helps care for homeless veterans...... it drops to the floor... the veteran points out one of McCain's POW buddies to him... standing ovation.