Not only did I enjoy this week's Frank Rich column but it occurred to me to point out that he deserves special praise for always making sure that the web version of his column include real hyperlinks to outside content, just the way a dedicated web column would:

What Mr. Obama has going for him during this tailspin is that his opponent seems mortifyingly out-to-lunch. Mr. McCain is a man who aspires to lead the largest economy in the world and yet recently admitted that he doesn’t know how to use a computer, the one modern tool shared by everyone from the post-industrial American work force to Middle Eastern terrorists to Pixar animators. Getting shot down over Vietnam may not be a qualification for president in 2008, but surely a rudimentary facility with a laptop is. What Mr. McCain has going for him is a press corps that often ignores or covers up such embarrassments.

I would say that beyond that, he also has a press corps that's so in love with the open atmosphere McCain maintains with his traveling press that they don't take advantage of the open atmosphere to ask him any probing questions. What's his plan for Iraq? Does he plan to purge the government of Bush's political appointees? If he's "not one who believes that we need to subsidize things" when asked about renewable energy, then why does he want subsidies for nuclear power? Etc.