Liberal Fascism


Not only does Barack Obama, as uncovered by Patrick Ruffini, try to communicate to residents of Germany in the German language he also (as Dr. Melissa Couthier sagely observes) uses images of himself in profile just like Adolf Hitler did.

If I were to engage in guilt-by-association grounded in Obama campaign iconography, I would probably have observed that his campaign aesthetics seem to have something in common with socialist realism, but it takes all kinds I guess. Couthier:

Not only is this a political flier meant to influence American voters via the Deutchland, it is seriously unnerving propaganda. What are the Obama people thinking? This is nuts.

Surely we can all agree that something is nuts here. Meanwhile, I wouldn't want to alarm Dr. Couthier too much but up on the White House website I found this photo of George W. Bush posing as Hitler. Not only that, but it appeared under the headline "Supporting a Compassionate Society" and as Jonah Goldberg has pointed out, compassionate conservatism is the newest and most insidious form of liberal fascism.