Joe Biden Accidentally Fundraises

Update: how embarrassing for me. This fund raising solicitation is actually for Biden's Senate re-election campaign.

I received this e-mail solicitation from the Joe Biden presidential campaign yesterday. My guess is that the person in charge of teeing up fundraising e-mails did not realize that the June 30 appeals would automatically be sent by the server every June 30.

-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Biden
To: Ambinder, Marc
Sent: Mon Jun 30 17:13:25 2008
Subject: Midnight Deadline

Delawares Joe Biden
Dear Friend,

Contribute Today! We only have a few hours remaining until this quarter comes to end. I'm up for senate re-election in Delaware, and I need your help. Will you make a donation today of 50 or 100 to my campaign?

The FEC's second quarter ends at midnight tonight, after which all the political gurus will analyze every financial report. It's important we're able to display strength in this filing.

We're off to a good start. On Friday alone, hundreds of you responded with donations. 50, 100, 500 dollars -- it all makes a difference.

With only a few hours left, will you make a donation ?

Every little bit helps with November approaching.



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