Huck PAC Supports Rep. Don Young

Now this is interesting. Mike Huckabee's political action committee has endorsed Rep. Don Young's re-election in Alaska.

Don is one of the few members of Congress to totally understand the critical state of our nation’s infrastructure and when I was a Governor and Chairman of the National Governors Association, he was one of the few members of Congress who fully recognized the direct link between infrastructure and job creation and economic development. I consider him a personal friend and have enjoyed duck hunting with him, but I didn’t enjoy the fact that he is such a marksman that he put the rest of us to shame” Huckabee said.

Now -- put aside the fact that Young is under federal investigation in the Velco bribery scandal. He is known as the pork-barreler's pork barreler and has acquired, in the noses of most conservative activists, an odor. And Huckabee's commenters aren't happy.

"You blew your reputation on this...and a reported 70% of Alaskans disagree with you," said one. Another: "This the best HuckPAC can come up with????" A third: "You have one problem with Don Young and it's called "The Bridge To Nowhere""

Huckabee responded to the discontent:

I have been following the comments regarding Don Young today with interest. Your opinions are important to me and our team, so having read another comment just now asking for an explanation of our endorsement, I wanted to make sure you heard from me directly.

Don Young has been a consistent pro-family, pro-life vote in the Congress. Don also endorsed my campaign and stood by me in the public arena defending my record from false attacks when other members of Congress wouldn't be seen with me. I don't expect everyone to agree with each endorsement we make. I am thankful that we are able to talk about our differences openly and respectfully

Note: Mitt Romney's PAC hasn't endorsed Don Young.