Comfort Capsules

The Air Force has really been a service adrift in the "war on terror" era, getting into all kinds of fights with other players and generally having difficulty endearing itself to the rest of the security establishment as a useful tool. I suspect the news that top Air Force generals have been wasting not only money but an absurd amount of time on installing "comfort capsules" on "military planes that ferry senior officers and civilian leaders around the world" with an eye to making sure "that leaders can talk, work and rest comfortably in the air."

In partial defense of the Air Force, I suppose, I would say that semi-abusive use of military planes as private jets in circumstances when commercial vehicles would work fine seems to have become one of the most cherished perks of civilian officials in both the executive branch and the congress. Under the circumstances, one can sort of understand how the Air Force came to feel that it's air taxi mission required this kind of high-level attention. Long story short, in addition to cutting this specific BS out, we really ought to reform the whole way the use of military transportation works. See here for some examples of dubious practices that cost taxpayers a remarkable amount of dough.