An Exchange On Obama As A Post-Racial Politician

ASPEN -- Ta-Nehisi Coates asks the Shelby Steele to square his conviction that racial grievance is still the dominant racial paradigm among African Americans with their overwhelming support for the first "post-racial candidate," Barack Obama.

Steele: "For most of the past year, most of black America was in Hillary Clinton's camp. Then he says he got on the bandwagon. "Then there was race baiting by Bill Clinton in South Carolina...[and people says] now you're picking on our guy. When one of us tend to be picked on, we rally." He points out that a majority of blacks supported Clarence Thomas.

Coates asks him about Obama's speech on black fatherhood. Steele: "Obama goes to the black community and he keeps that alive..." -- that, being the subtext of racial grievance.