Women for McCain

It doesn't seem to be working thus far, but John McCain continues to make a strong pitch for the support of Clinton-backing women:

"I admire and respect her," McCain said of Clinton.

Aides suggested that McCain's support for a gas tax holiday, a hawkish foreign policy and steps against climate change would appeal to many women.

Indeed, McCain respects Clinton so much that he's willing to say he respects her after joking around for a bit with an audience about calling her a "bitch" calling one's ex-wife a "bitch" (particularly odd considering how well McCain's ex-wife has treated him and how poorly he's treated his ex-wife):

Anyways, we'll see how this goes, but one way of respecting Senator Clinton would be to at least acknowledge that she was running for office to advance certain public policy goals and that John McCain doesn't want to advance those goals.