What The 3,600 Are Actually Doing

Sometimes it's hard to keep all these programs and titles straight. So the Obama Fellows -- the 3,600 activists who'll work for the campaign over the next six weeks, will spend a lot of their time registering voters and a lot of their time participating in what the campaign calls its Unite for Change events. On June 28, the fellows will host several thousands UFC events in neighborhoods across the country, and yes, as I wrote that, I was thinking about Chuck Liddell too, but nevermind. ufc.JPG

As described in an e-mail from deputy campaign manager Steve Hilderband:

"In all 50 states, supporters like you -- seasoned veterans and first-time volunteers alike -- will host house meetings with the express purpose of reaching out and bringing together folks who supported all of the Democratic candidates (and those who are just tuning into the process now)."

These house meetings form the core of the campaign's organizing model. The concept derives from organizing theory as taught by Saul Alinsky and as adopted by community organizers across the country. Never before has a major party presidential campaign used them to expand their support in a general election.