We Have Ways of Making You Agree to Our Permanent Basing Deal

Patrick Coburn: "The US is holding hostage some $50bn (£25bn) of Iraq’s money in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to pressure the Iraqi government into signing an agreement seen by many Iraqis as prolonging the US occupation indefinitely, according to information leaked to The Independent."

This exemplifies the Bush/McCain madness. To the majority of people, whatever they think about the details of getting out of Iraq, being in Iraq isn't desirable. What we need to do is create conditions where leaving is viable. But to the people running our country, the goal is to stay in Iraq forever. It's insane.

UPDATE: Some have written in to say that the actual cause of the holdup here is the Iraqis' inability to reach a revenue-sharing agreement about what to do with their oil money. It's just an issue that's become more and more pressing as high oil prices mean that Iraq's oil money is skyrocketing.