Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will likely end up on Barack Obama's vice presidential short list, and until Obama makes his pick, her every appearance outside Kansas will generate an unusual amount of interest.

On June 25, Sebelius and fellow potential vice presidential nominee Tom Daschle will host a breakfast for major Democratic Governors Association donors in Washington, D.C.

Over breakfast at the headquarters of the Alston Bird law, Sebelius and Daschle will brief the governors on the DGA's prospects for 2008 and their efforts to control the redistricting process in 2010.

Sebelius was a private fan of Obama's well before she endorsed him in January. The two are said to get along marvelously. In picking her, Obama would not necessarily intend to put Kansas in play or even to reap a political benefit. In his mind, folks who know these things say, she is competent, qualified, young, and he can envision working with her for eight years.

Sebelius has governed from the center, but she is not a conservative Democrat: she opposes the death penalty, opposed a same-sex marriage-banning constitutional amendment, opposes concealed carry laws, and is pro-choice.

That latter position is causing her some trouble. The archbishop of Kansas City forbid priests from offering her communion. She's emeshed herself in questions about her political relationship with an unabashed provider of late-term abortions. Choosing Sebelius would drive the pro-life community nuts.

Sebelius is a youngish 60. Her father was governor of Ohio and her family has deep midwestern roots.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: June 25th Breakfast

Dear Friends,

I hope you will join Senator Daschle and me on Wednesday, June 25th
for a Democratic Governors Association Breakfast and Political Update.
Please RSVP to Shannon White at .
Take care, and I hope to see you on June 25th.

Kathleen Sebelius
Governor of Kansas

Please Join

Governor Kathleen Sebelius
Senator Tom Daschle

For a DGA Breakfast
including a
Political Update and Discussion of the
DGA's Project 2010

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
8:30 am

Alston Bird
The Atlantic Building
950 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

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