Two Is Not A Trend

It's true that Barack Obama's support among Democrats is, on average, about seven points less than John McCain's. That's a valid GOP talking point, although we'll see if the trend holds through the convention. But the RNC and the McCain campaign are trying to create momentum behind the idea that there's a mass exodus of Dems. Well, there ain't.

And where the RNC can point to a superdelegate here and a congressman there, so can Democrats.

(1) Chuck Hagel (R-NE) pointedly refuses to say who he'd vote for.
(2) Same with Colin Powell.
(3) Christine DeLay will vote for Bob Barr.
(4) Ron Paul ... and his people.

In 2000, it took Gary Bauer a while before he endorsed President Bush. In 2004, Sen. Linc Chafee would not say whom he voted for. Not that John Kerry was so lucky: a Nexis search finds that the follow lawmakers:

Rodney Alexander (D-La.), Allen Boyd (D-Fla.), Jim Marshall (D-Ga.), Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Dennis Moore (D-Kan)....

said they would not endorse Kerry, according to The Hill newspaper.