I was walking earlier today thinking to myself, "you know, say what you will about John McCain, but he'll almost certainly be a better President than George W. Bush so we have something to look forward to no matter what happens in America." Then I thought to myself that to write that up, you'd need to include the all-important to-be-sure sentence. Specifically, something like "if, that is, he manages to avoid any catastrophic new wars that lead to massive bloodshed."

Then you read something about how Michael Goldfarb is leaving The Weekly Standard's blog to go join the McCain campaign, and you recall that that's a giant to-be-sure. Some folks take comfort in the fact that up until 1998-99 or so McCain had reasonably reasonable views about foreign policy, but he's been way out in crazy-land for years now and all indications are that his administration will be staffed by neocons too fanatical or dim-witted to have served in the Bush administration and been discredited.

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