Tim Russert Is Dead

An unbelievable shock; this city will all but shut down over the next few days, so vital was he to its voice. I did not know him personally, but I know many people who did and they are devastated; passionate about politics and his integrity, he nurtured so many careers and is responsible for so many innovations in modern political journalism. He was, for everything that people may they know about about him, much more of a creature of Buffalo than a denizen of Washington. Above all, an unbelievable father to Luke and a loyal, devoted husband to Maureen Orth. A life marvelously well lived.

You can watch MSNBC's coverage here:

On his life, from the New York Times.

Chris Cillizza on Russert's influence.

An interview he gave just today.

President Bush will make a statement soon.

A statement from Harry Reid:

“I was greatly saddened to learn of Tim Russert’s untimely death. Tim was a warm and gracious family man with a great zest for life and an unsurpassed passion for his work. His rise from working-class roots to become a well-respected leader in political journalism is an inspiration to many. Tim asked the tough questions the right way and was the best in the business at keeping his interview subjects honest. My thoughts are with his family.”