I'm not sure I really share his broader concerns, but Hendrick Hertzberg really is right about JFK Airport:

I’m less happy about John F. Kennedy Airport, partly because its old name, Idlewild, was so beautiful and romantic. J.F.K. obviously deserves a New York memorial of some sort—a statue in some prominent place, such as Grand Army Plaza, the square at the southeast corner of Central Park, would do nicely—and he certainly deserves an airport. But the right airport would have been Boston’s Logan, currently named for a Boston statehouse pol who died in 1939 and on whom the statute of limitations has surely run out.

Right. Kennedy's a Boston guy from a Massachusetts family, his airport should be there. On the other hand, I sort of like it when well-known things end up named after obscure politicians -- it leads to better trivia. Who was the Shea of Shea Stadium? That sort of thing.

Photo of Boston Logan Airport by Flickr user Beige Inside used under a Creative Commons license

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