What's on the agenda for next week's donor confab featuring Hillary Clinton's national finance team and Barack Obama?

Based on discussions with Clinton donors, here's what I think will happen:

(1) Obama will be very well recieved; the donors will be polite; they will not grill him.

(2) Whether the meeting is a success may be determined by how many top-ticket donors and raisers show up -- those who've raised more than, say, $250,000 for Clinton. If they're absent, they're unconvinced. And these are the folks who generally drive the contributions.

(3) Will there be a separate, smaller meeting for the absolute upper echelon of Clinton donors?

(4) The donors expect Barack Obama to tell him how he plans to help Sen. Clinton retire her campaign debt. There's concern that Obama hasn't said a peep about the subject so far.

(5) No money will be exchaned; the event is NOT a fundraiser.

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