Jed Babbin blames the negative reaction to McCain's speech on all those McCain aides who leak their negative reactions to the Politico's Jonathan Martin. Actually, the only Republicans who thought McCain did OK were members of his inner circle, who blamed the media for being biased and unfairly holding McCain to an unattainable standard. Now -- Republicans picked up on this. And they became even more nervous because they began to worry that no one at the McCain campaign understood how bad the speech and the theatrics really were. So Babbin is, in a way, correct. Just not in the way he thinks he is. (Although it is true: no one has better McCainland sources than Jonathan Martin.)

Scott McLellan will testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

Does Brickabrack contain a penultimate "c"?

Read and think and debate: big government is BACK.

Here's the start of that Obama bump, per Gallup. It ain't gonna be 15 points by the time of the convention, but there are some in McCain's world who legitimately believe that McCain will NEVER be ahead in the popular vote (but will still win the election.)

Thanks for derailing today, Metro. Home: see you in a few hours.

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