The Daily Brickabrack

Chris Cillizza has details on the new additions to Barack Obama's team of consultants and media strategists.

A McCain campaign blogger call sparks an immigration debate.

To markets in the Southwest, McCain released a Spanish-language radio ad on the economy.

A compromise on FISA and retroactive immunity?

On the popular vote, just call it a tie.

Did John McCain really never oppose any Katrina investigation?

Breaking News: Just got the first press release of the election from the Nader campaign:


The Nader/Gonzalez "peace in the Middle East" campaign is aiming to be on the ballot nationwide in November.

Only Nader/Gonzalez stands with the courageous Israeli and Palestinian peace movements.

Only Nader/Gonzalez stands with the majority of Jewish Americans and Arab Americans which polls repeatedly show support a two-state solution as a way for peace in the Middle East.

Only Nader/Gonzalez would reverse U.S. policy in the Middle East