Solutions Factory

The conservative movement seems to be running out of steam, but Rep. Eric Cantor has the solution -- a virtual "solutions factory." Hm. Alternatively, the right could take David Brooks' advice and read more blogs written by my right-of-center friends (and even a few people who I've never met) and buy Grand New Party. Brooks has, I think, the sounder view. Ultimately, though, the trouble even with his solution is that some of these folks' ideas are bad, whereas the ones that are good will never be implemented by conservatives. Why? Because, as I've said before, "the problem is actually much worse -- the problem with the conservative movement is that it's fundamentally malign." If we're lucky, liberals will steal the right's better ideas only to see the conservative movement eventually turn on them (see, e.g., EITC, Section 8 vouchers, cap-and-trade) in the interests of greater evil.