In response to yesterday's post on the likely political appointees in a McCain administration, Nathaniel comments:

Matt I would point out that Ryan Crocker is a Foreign Service officer not a political appointee. He served as Amabsssador in some pretty harsh posts before Bush came into office and less he chooses to retire, which he may due to the length of his service, he will be serving as an Ambassador in whatever adminstration is after Bush.

Very fair points. Still, I think the overall point stands. It's reasonable to believe that many of the people who've served in noteworthy positions in the Bush administration would also serve in noteworthy positions in a McCain administration. And it would be interested to know what McCain's thoughts on that matter are in a more specific way. Like most administrations, Team Bush has had its share of feuds and so forth. An incoming Republican administration that wants to bring back Richard Armitage is something you'd look at very differently from an incoming GOP administration that wants to bring back Doug Feith.

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