There was a meeting. It was not at Hillary Clinton's house. (I'm betting it was at Jim Johnson's Georgetown condo.) Staff worked out the schedules. Obama wanted to talk about bringing the party together.

1. Who asked for the meeting? Barack Obama.
2. Which side leaked the existence of the meeting? Unknown.. After originally refusing to answer reporters questions, the campaign then confirmed that there was a meeting but said they would never divulge the details; then they divulged the details.
3. Which side speaks first about the content of the meeting? Not clear.
4. When was the invitation proffered? Sunday and Monday
5. Did the Obama campaign insist on meeting Clinton before she speaks publicly? Not clear.
6. How angry is the Obama press corps? A little bit.
7. How much (or little) does the Obama press team care about the feelings about the Obama press corps? They say they did not intend to mislead the press corps.
8. Was there internal disagreement about the decision to ditch the press corps? Kind of an irrelevant question.

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