Here's a new Powerpoint briefing from Obama campaign manager David Plouffe that's making the rounds of Clinton donors. It's a fairly standard presentation, but it makes a few points about where the campaign sees itself as the general election begins.

One slide reads: "Obama poised to win historic amount of support from women," with data points showing that Obama's margin over John McCain is nearly equivalent to Bill Clinton's margin over Bob Dole in 1996.

Another notes that "Obama Holds Dominant Lead Over McCain Among Hispanics, A Key Swing Group," with polls showing that Obama recieves the same percentage of the Hispanic vote that Al Gore did in 2000.

Citing Rassmussen's weekly tracking, the Plouffe briefing claims that "Obama [is] Consolidating Democrats as He Builds Strength Among Independents," although the data shows that Obama still lacks the support of between 20% and 22% of Democrats.

The Powerpoint also answers a question many of us have had for a while now: just how big is Obama's e-mail list? The answer: 5 million strong. The campaign also claims to have more than one million volunteers.

Here's the full presentation.

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