Pardon The Interruption

Pardon the interruption on blogging; I have several meetings off campus today.

One bit of information I'd like to write about is the news that the Obama campaign has hired Patti Solis Doyle to be chief of staff for the vice presidential candidate, whoever she or he may be, and Stephanie Cutter to be Michelle Obama's chief of staff. Solis Doyle's hiring is best seen in the context of her longtime friendship with David Axelrod, her admiration for Obama (which was palpable even when she was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager) and her Chicago roots. Not for nothing will she be the campaign's highest ranking Latina. Stephanie Cutter and Michelle Obama both seem the type of people who disdain nonsense and silliness and silly journalism. Cutter is sharp, has solid relationships with many national political reporters, and knows how to harangue journalists she considers to be unfair. Michelle Obama has long needed a bigger team, and Cutter would seem to be an ideal choice to lead it.