I'm headed to Colorado this morning for the Aspen Ideas Festival powered by the Atlantic. For the uninitiated, the Ideas Fest is one of those political-corporate-journalistic hybrids that convenes once a summer where intermingling is encouraged and higher-order intellectual pleasures are to be had.

This isn't my usual crowd, and I'm not used to the close cooperation of journalist and subject and advertiser, so my blogging will focus on both the festival and the sociology of the festival. (Why, for example, do cabinet secretaries attend? Which corporate sponsors seem interesting in burnishing their credentials? Is their swag? What's the default ideology here? Which ideologies don't we see represented?)

Among the notable invitees this year are Bill Clinton; given that Terry McAuliffe told CNN that the former president and Barack Obama will finally connect with the next few days, perhaps we will witness that conversation. (Perhaps not.)

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