Maybe I'll call posts like these "Hildebrand's Hordes, after the Obama campaign's dynamic deputy campaign manager, Steve Hilderband, who is putting together the campaign's registration, persuasion and field operation for the general election. Actually, Hordes sounds hinky. How about Hildebrand's Hellions?

From today's non-linkable, subscription-only MIRS Capitol Capsule in MI:

Obama Temporary Shop in Lansing

She's from Maryland. He's from New York. For the moment, they are the Obama for President campaign in Lansing.

Laura and Greg, who can't reveal their last names because it is against national campaign policy to do so, are running a voter registration project along with 14 other Obama field offices around the state.

Laura explained that she could "not go on the record with the media" and if she did, she "would get into trouble." She did reveal however that she's been given temporary housing in Williamston and was greeted with a severe thunderstorm over the weekend that knocked out her power and water.

Welcome to Michigan.

Their downtown Lansing office, according to Greg on background, is not the official Obama headquarters and is not exactly a palace. It's about 15 feet by 35 feet and consists of a few chairs, a desk, a refrigerator and a copy machine. They are using Laura's cell phone number for the office phone in what appears to be somewhat of a shoestring operation with no budget so far.

There will not be a grand opening for this temporary office, but Greg thinks there may be one when the official headquarters is found.

"Do you know any places?" Laura with no last name asked.

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