Barack Obama is making public the first of its campaign state director hires.

Mitch Stewart will be the Virginia State Director. He ran the coordinated campaign for the DFL in MN in '06 and was Sen. Tom Daschle's re-election field director in '04.

Buffy Wicks will be the Missouri State Director. She helped to put together the campaign's winning primary field teams and served as field director in California and deputy field director in Texas. Before that, she worked as an organizer for the UFCW union and cut her teeth on Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

Today is Ray Rivera's first day as Colorado State Director. He was Obama's CO state director for the Feb 5 caucuses and worked as a political director and organizer for AFSCME.

As Chris Cillizza notes, the team bears the imprint of Sen. Tom Daschle's extended universe. That's because Steve Hilderband, Obama's deputy campaign manager and field general -- he's the Tommy Franks in this metaphor -- ok, the Schwarzkopf? The Wes Clark? -- is one of Daschle's closest advisers.

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