Lots Of Superdelegates Come Out For Obama

Here are two more, including the very prominent Debbie Dingell of Michigan.


Chicago, IL –Today, two Michigan superdelegates endorsed Barack Obama. DNC Members Debbie Dingell and Rick Wiener backed Obama today. Earlier this morning, Michigan superdelegate Joyce Lalonde also backed Barack Obama.

Debbie Dingell statement: "Senator Levin, Governor Granholm and other Michigan leaders have fought hard to change the Presidential nominating process to be fairer and more representative of the American electorate. While this election season may have been challenging at times, Michigan has been a significant participant in the fight for real and fundamental change. And because Michigan Democrats have led the fight for significant change, I believe that we should also be leaders in the unity process. That is why today I am joining with Rick Wiener to endorse Barack Obama for President.

"Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have run vigorous campaigns, demonstrating to the American people that Democrats are ready to lead on reform for our broken health care system, to protect and create American jobs and to responsibly end the War in Iraq. Now, as the nominating process comes to an end, it is time to unite behind Barack Obama, who will be our Democratic nominee for the White House. Senator Obama has shown me and he has shown the American people that he represents change – a change that this country desperately needs after seven and a half long years of the Bush White House. He will lead our party to victory in November, carrying Michigan for the Democrats by running a campaign focused on bringing change to working families.

"I commend Senator Clinton on a well run campaign and while she would have made a terrific President, I know that she will continue to be a tremendous leader in the United States Senate fighting with the same dynamism that we all admire her for.

"This campaign has often been marginalized in the media, with the focus frequently on race or sex or age. That is not what the campaign is about. This campaign is about the future of the United States."

Rick Wiener statement: "We have had many outstanding candidates. It is clear that Senator Obama will prevail as our nominee. It is time to unite as a party behind our candidate and close a historic primary season."