Land 'O Dudes

Ari Melber on diversity in the opinion section:

The most traditional location to reach the political establishment, the Washington Post opinion section, is brazenly male-dominated. Seventeen of the 19 columnists are men; only three of the columnists are racial minorities. Guest op-eds could present more voices, but they rarely do. This year, only 12 percent of the Post's guest pieces came from women, according to a May count by ombudsman Deborah Howell. At the New York Times, eight of the ten weekly columnists are men; one is black.

I'd say this is especially egregious with regard to the op-ed pieces. The major papers seem to pride themselves on the glacial pace of turnover and total lack of quality control with regard to their regular columnists, which limits one's ability to diversify with speed. But all it would take to dramatically increase the number of women having op-eds published in The Washington Post would be to email some women who write about politics and say "want to write something for The Washington Post?" I'm sure someone would say yes.