The new pro-Israel, pro-peace PAC has its first-ever slate of endorsements:

We are proud to announce JStreetPAC's first round of candidate endorsements. The candidates are Donna Edwards (Candidate, MD-04), Debbie Halvorson (Candidate, IL-11), Rep. Charles Boustany (LA-07), Darcy Burner (Candidate, WA-08), Rep. Stephen Cohen (TN-09), Dennis Shulman (Candidate, NJ-05) and Mary Jo Kilroy (Candidate, OH-15).

Excellent choices all. Darcy Burner is probably familiar to blog readers, but for those who don't know her she's the lead actor behind the excellent Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq initiative and also someone who came very close to winning in 2006. Stephen Cohen is an incumbent and a solid progressive who's also a white guy representing a majority-minority constituency and some relatively less progressive forces are trying to leverage that vulnerability against him. Dennis Shulman's a great story, a blind rabbi with a PhD. running in New Jersey on an excellent agenda.

Candidates with sound views on Middle East issues have won before, but it's rarely been the case that there's been specific fundraising and organizing around these issues in congressional campaigns. Pulling off a few wins here will help change a lot of members' perspectives about where the political incentives lie.

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