Germany's Favorite Veggie

I like asparagus. It's perhaps my favorite of the vegetables. But Via Adam Blickstein I see that the Germans seem to be taking things too far:

During its short season, asparagus features prominently on restaurant menus and café chalkboards across the country, reflecting Germans' obsession with the prized vegetable. In fact, they eat more white asparagus than anyone else in the world, chomping their way through 1.35 kilos (three pounds) per head.

It isn't difficult for gourmets to find fresh local asparagus, since with a production of some 82,000 tons, Germany is the biggest asparagus grower in Europe. The area under asparagus production in the country has doubled in the past 12 years to nearly 20,000 hectares, making asparagus the country's biggest vegetable crop in terms of area and value.

Something to keep in mind if you're having Germans over for dinner. Related.